Free Online Science GamesPlay Science Games is a site dedicated to online games with a science slant to them. While the main purpose of the online games on this site is for fun we hope that some of the games are educational and help to teach some scientific concepts. We don’t guarantee that this is always the case (Flappy Bird!) but where possible the games have been selected to not just have fun but also educate on certain aspects of science. We have divided the site up into four main areas in accordance with the main branches of science.

Physics Games – These are games which involve force and objects – moving and building games,  firing objects across distance, playing with electrical circuits and basically anything else which can loosely categorised as having a physics theme behind it. In some cases we will freely admit that the link is tenuous at best!

Chemistry Games – Learn about the periodic table or how chemical compounds are formed. Test your knowledge of chemistry. Chemistry games can be a lot of fun, check out the Atomic Puzzle game for example, this is a highly addictive brain challenging game.

Biology Games – Learn about the human body, cell function, DNA and more with our collection of Biology games. We also have games where you can destroy the entire human population, for example the classic pandemic online games.

Astronomy Games – Astronomy is the study of the outer space, the planets and cosmology. Some of the astronomy games presented are useful tools for learning about our solar system; others just involve sending a rocket into space!


We hope that you enjoy the website. Our aim is to put together one of the largest websites dedicated to Science Games. Check back again soon as we are regularly adding games to our growing collection.