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Angry Birds in Space

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Angry Birds in SpaceAngry Birds in Space is another classic installment from the Angry Birds games series. Go to war against those bad piggies in this physics based launcher game. The piggies thought they could hide from the birds in space but they failed to realise that the angry birds would follow them into orbit for more physic-based smashing fun! Equip your wooden slingshot and launch the angry birds into space to smash the bad piggies. Angry Birds in Space game Features a huge universe with a whopping 30 different missions, not to mention a huge army of unique Angry Birds and lots of bad piggies. The game is jam packed with physics fun and strong gravity influence. In this game you must account for gravity and use careful judgement to launch the angry birds onto the correct orbit path.

Instructions for Angry Birds in Space

Use the Mouse to aim and launch the angry bird at the bad piggies. Use Mouse Left click to Activate the angry birds special ability (if it has one).

Angry Bird Characters
Captain Red is the classic Red Bird and is the most common bird. Special Abilities – None.

Lightning Birds – The lightening birds are blue and orange with lightning bolt ears. These have a special ability of splitting into three (left click to activate).

Firebomb Bird – The firebomb bird is easily recognized as it is the classic black bird. The Firebomb has the special ability of exploding midair to cause maximum damage.

The Incredible Terence – Otherwise known as the monster bird, Terrance is the big green bird. Special Abilities – Momentum and Mass

Laser Bird – The laser bird is the purple bird with the special ability of honing in on the target (activate with left mouse button).

Atomic Bird – (bubbles) is the fat round orange bird. The Atomic Bird expands to an enormous size after impact.

Space Eagle – The space eagle is a bald eagle with an ominous scowl. Little is known about the space eagle but he will inflict maximum damage and mass destruction in a particular area.

See the in-game instructions for further details.

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7 votes, average: 4.86/5

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