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Bad Piggies

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Bad PiggiesBad Piggies is a fun and challenging physics oriented game from the creators of Angry birds. Bad Piggies lets you create all sorts of rickety carts and then watch as they are launched downhill, normally ending in a mass of smashed up pieces and flying pigs. While calling Bad Piggies a Science game might be a stretch, the challenge of Bad Piggies is to grasp the physics and understand the slope and weight placement involved for each level. Trial and error is the name of the game and with each failed launch of your cart you are able to  hone your knowledge and improve the design.


Game Instructions for Bad Piggies

The game is very simple. Play using the mouse. Simply drag the parts on to the grey grid to build your cart, place the Piggy in the cart. Be sure to take care with the placement of the parts as getting the weight and mechanical structure of the cart is key!



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