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Blood Typing Game

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Blood Typing GameThis Blood Typing Game is a really great educational science game, in fact it is so good that it features on the Nobel Prize website and was winner of the 2012 best game category at the Swedish Learning Awards. The game teaches you about the different human blood types and blood transfusions. See what happens if you mistakenly get a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type. Even though a patient’s own blood type is the first choice for blood transfusions, it’s not always available at the blood bank. Try to save some patients lives while at the same time learning about human blood types!

The Blood Typing Game  tests your knowledge in how to blood type and administer safe blood transfusions.


How to Play

Use your mouse to draw blood with the needle. Test the blood by putting a sample in each of the test tubes provided to determine what blood type the patient is and what transfusion you should use.

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