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Build Up

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Build UpBuild up is a fun physics construction game whereby you must build a different structure for each level and withstand the forces that are put on it. To build you simply connect the points on the structure and press play when you are ready for the structure to be tested, from building a hotel to a stadium, to a rocket launchpad these physics/puzzle level teasers will test your brain at each step. Your challenge is to build  stable structures which can withstand weight and the forces of physics.


Game Instructions:

In order to build your structures you must connect the points with beams. This is achieved by and you can do it by clicking on a beam, or on a point along the structure. The circle points are non-fixed – they can break easily. The rectangles are fixed. they can break, but they are much stronger than non-fixed points.  You can change the build mode with ‘tools’ button. The default mode is ‘build’ – so you can add beams to the structure. The other mode where the tool icon disappears is ‘delete’, to delete part or all of the structure click on the beams which you wish to delete.

Game Levels:

  1. Factory shelving to hold 3 boxes.
  2. Build 3 houses In a row to house their roofs!
  3. Making several cages co house animals In a pet score!
  4. Building a roof tower for block of apartments!
  5. A set of 3 pyramids for a Las Vegas hotel!
  6. A crane to unload and load crates at the docks!
  7. A huge tower that withstands in a stormy weather.
  8. A telephone receiver has to house a heavy base on top.
  9. A take off tower for a rocket ship that must be launched and withstand the physics forces as the rocket takes off.
  10. A new hotel that needs 6 floors.
  11. A rock gig is happening and the stage needs to be built, complete with lighting and sound rig to hold heavy speakers and lights.
  12. Build a new suspension bridge motorway across a river to be able to hold many cars!
  13. Expand a soccer stadium to make one of its stands into a second tier.
  14. A traffic control tower is needed at one of the countries busiest airport.
  15. An old dilapidated “haunted house” is being renovated
  16. The FOG (Free online Games) offices are being built

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