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Cloudy Online Game

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Cloudy-2696Cloudy is a challenging and fun physics online game to play. In Cloudy you must direct the paper plane around the obstacles to get to the destination. the skill of this game is to choose the correct flight path of the paper plane and to do this you must carefully position the green flight path dots on the screen to map out the path of travel. There will be a number of obstacles in the way which you must divert your paper plane around and avoid such as rain clouds which drop rain and lightening. If you get hit by these they will smash your paper plane and you will have to start the level again. It is not just the direction of the plane that you must get right but you must also get the timing just right so that you can avoid any of the rain or lightening bolts as they fall from the cloud. All of this combined makes the Cloudy game a real challenge and the game becomes very highly addictive.

Cloudy is not the only paper plane physics game we have here at playsciencegames.com. We have a number of other aviation games which require skill and judgement and a physics mindset. If you like Cloudy then you might also like a similar game to the Flight paper plane physics game. You can find these games and many more in the physics section of this website.

Game Instructions
Drag and drop the green dots with your mouse in order to plot the flight path for your paper plane. Try to collect all the stars and avoid clouds and stuf

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4 votes, average: 4.75/5

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