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Dead Convoy

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Dead ConvoyDead Convoy is a demolition game which will test your physics/puzzle solving skills. The game is simple, the enemy troops and tanks are approaching and you must set up a trap on the bridges that they have to cross, then detonate the explosives to stop them from getting across the bridge.  If only the game were that simple, different bridges and construction materials require different explosives to blow them up. The placement of the explosives is critical you must place them on key tension points along the bridge in order to bring the construction down, this is where engineering and physics skill comes into the game. Dead Convoy is a physics based online game  which features 24 awesome levels.  This game is really a workout for the mind, particularly as you advance through the levels there are many decisions to make like where to place the explosives, when to detonate the explosives, what type of explosive to use, what are the strongest tension points on the bridge. It is critical that you don’t waste the explosive on parts of the bridge which are not key stress points as the explosives will do minimal damage. The game is relatively simple and the levels are short and snappy,  blowing up the bridge is a lot of fun which makes this physics game highly addictive.

Use the mouse to play the game and to place the explosives, certain explosives can only be placed on certain materials, for example the brown explosives are used on metal only.  Your objective in the game is to stop all of the enemy troops and vehicles from getting across the bridge, if just one survives and makes it to the other side then you lose and will need to restart the level. What makes some levels additionally hard is the introduction of doctors who you mustn’t blow up, so timing the explosives is critical. Overall Dead Convoy is a great addition to the physics, puzzle game genre and has enough in it to keep you coming back to the game until you have won all 24 levels.



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