Electric Box Walkthrough

Posted by ScienceGames On March - 18 - 2014

Level 1 – Easy, the tutorial even tells you what to do

Electric Box - Online Science Game

Level 2 – Level 2 introduces light, another very easy level.

Level 2 Electric Box - Physics Games

Level 3 – Now Electric box game introduces steam and wind fans so we need to use the electric kettles, steam detectors, wind fans and wind turbines. Remember by clicking the mouse we can rotate items, this is necessary for the kettles on this level. Also take into consideration the wind fans will alter the course of the steam.

Electric Box - Online Physics Circuit Game


Level 4 – Now things are getting ever so slightly trickier, we have magnets. Magnets are used to pull metal objects in the game. Arrange the magnets so that they pull the kettle and steam detector into position at the right moment.

Level 4 walkthrough Electric Box Physics Game, Science Game

Level 5 – Now we see the introduction of the fixed charger light. The charger light needs electricity to charge it but then needs the electricity to be cut off in order for it to be used, so we need to use magnets and the water dispenser to co-ordinate for the electricity to be switched on and off at a certain period.

Electric Box Wlakthrough Level 5 - Online Physics Games

Level 6 – This level introduces mirrors and laser devices. Use the lasers to create a beam and use the mirrors to deflect and change the course of the beams. Laser absorbers convert the laser beam into power.

Electric Box Level 6 Walk through - Online Science Games

Level 7 – Nothing but lasers and mirrors. This level is a little trickier, divert the course of the lasers and power up the magnet to shift certain mirrors out of the way at the right time.

Level 7 Electric Box Walkthrough

Level 8 – Level 8 has a new item, the IPS Battery. Feed the IPS Battery with electricity to charge it, the battery can then be used as a backup power supply when the electric grid goes down, this is required when the fan powers up and blows the steam away from the steam detector.

Electric Box Walkthrough - Level 8

Level 9 – This level brings in the refrigerator. The Refrigerator condenses stream to generate water, the Refrigerator needs both steam and electricity to produce water. The magnet is key in this level

Electric Box Walkthrough - Level 9

Level 10 – The transporter bot is a new item in this level. Once powered it picks up whatever object is directly above it and transports it down the electric wire it is attached. In this case it picks up the electric kettle and moves it so the water can fall down to the turbine.

Electric Box Level 10

Level 11 – This level is relatively straight forward, we need to take the electricity away from the charger light at the right moment. To do this set up the ball dropper above the wind turbine and it will drop on top of it and cut of the electricity at the right moment.

Electric Box - Level 11 set upElectric Box Level 11 Walkthrough part 2

Level 12 -The secret is to position the dropping ball above the blockers to knock them out of the way so that the laser beam can make its way through

Electric Box Level 12 part 1Electric Box Level 12 Part 2

Level 13 – Make sure to position the bot in the correct position and facing the right way, use the blocker to stop it just below the top laser reflector mirror.

Electric Box Level 13aElectric Box Level 13b

Level 14 – A lot of items to get into position in this level. Level 14 uses almost all of the items (except Lasers) make sure to get the various items facing in the correct position. It takes a little bit of time for the steam to finally blow over to the last steam detector so be patient.

Electric Box Walkthrough 14 - part 1Electric Box Walkthrough Level 14 part 2

Level 15 – The finale, lasers galore, there is too much going on in this level to explain just follow the pictures.

Electric Box level 15Electric Box walkthrough final screen

So that’s it, you should have completed Electric Box by now. Electric Box is a lot of fun and teaches some concepts about Science. Play more science games and physics games at PlayScienceGames.com

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