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Electric Box

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ElectricBox It is time to think outside the box and connect the power from the power supply to the set target on the grid. Use the mouse to move your parts and click on the left mouse button to drag it to the grid. Electric box is a deceptively fun science game which gets you thinking.

Game Instructions

Click Play to start the game. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the Inventory, use the items in the inventory to connect electricity from the source to the target. Connect the source to the target using metal wires which conduct the electricity. Use the mouse to drag items on or off the grid. Some items can be flipped, click on these items to reverse direction. Electric box also lets you create your own levels from the option on the main menu. Electric box is not just a fun game, it teaches about science and electrical circuits.

Game tips

Before you can arrange any components you will have to make sure you have turned the main switch off.

To keep you guessing there will be new and different components on each level

Don’t forget that light travels in 4 different directions so be sure to place any light bulbs in range of where you want the light beams to travel.

Move the mouse over each component to see an explanation of what the component does.

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2 votes, average: 4/5

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