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GravityGravity is a fun and challenging astronomy game. The aim of the game is to use the gravitational pull of the planets to slingshot your asteroid into the sun.Use the mouse to play the game, you can select your level to begin with or even design your own level in the level editor mode. To play the game and pass each level you must smash the asteroid into the sun using the pull of gravity around the planets. The larger the planet is, the bigger the gravitational pull.  If there are no planets then the asteroid will travel in a straight line toward the sun. The levels begin very easy and gradually become much more difficult involving larger planets and space matter. The game becomes trickier due to asteroid belts, asteroid belts can come loose and crash into the planets and smash up the asteroid. Gravity online game is a brain testing game which will test your science and physics knowledge as well as being a lot of fun.

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15 votes, average: 4.33/5

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