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KS2 Electical Circuits Game

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KS2 Electical Circuits GameLearn about electricity and electrical circuits with K2 Electrical Circuits game. The game deals with simple circuits that are useful for teaching students. In K2 Electrical circuits game you must build a circuit in order to move the player to the flag.

Electricity can flow through the components in a complete electric circuit. In Science symbols are used to draw circuits, this is known as a circuit diagram. Circuits must have a power source, in this game the battery is the power source and we can power light bulbs with the batteries. Light bulbs can be made brighter by adding more batteries to the circuit. If you increase the number of light bulbs in the circuit they will get dimmer.

A circuit will also contain other electrical components such as bulbs or motors, which allow electricity to pass through. In order for the circuit to work it must be complete for electricity to pass through it this means that there are no gaps in the circuit. Symbols are used to depict the different components of an electrical circuit, see inside the game for the description of the various electrical components.

For more science games about electricity you might want to take a look at the excellent electric box games (parts 1 and 2), you can find the electric box walk-through in the blog section of this website.

Use mouse to play

use arrow keys to move the player to the flag.

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