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LibraLibra is a fun logic game which will test your lateral thinking ability. It is more of a mathematics and logic game than physics but nevertheless it is still a very addictive and fun game. You can play the game in 2 different modes – normal mode is the reccomended mode of play for most players. Easy mode is great for learning about the game or great for kids as it allows you to exceed the maximum weight difference in the intermediate steps of the game which makes it much easier than the normal version of the game.

Libra has a whopping 48 levels, enough to keep you busy for a very long time! The game is straightforward but not easy. In Libra game you must make the scales balance by placing the weighted blocks on either side, while making sure that you dont exceed the weight differential which is specified on the scales. Each block has a weight attached to it as well as a number which indicates how many peices of that particular block. In the middle of the scale you will see in yellow the weight differential of the scale. Below the yellow number is another number which is the max weight allowable, do not exceed this weight or you will lose the game.
Instructions for Libra Game

Use mouse to place the blocks on to the scale. You can rotate the block by pressing the spacebar.

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4 votes, average: 4.25/5

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  1. Do says:

    Cool Science game, I like this one a lot, very addictive game.

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