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Pandemic 2

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Pandemic 2Create your own Virus, Bacteria or Parasite and let it run rampant over the human population!. Pandemic 2 is a surprisingly playable biology game where the objective is to wipe out the human population with your evil disease creation.

Pandemic 2 has 2 modes of play – relaxed and realistic. The relaxed mode is much faster than the realistic mode which as the name suggests is based upon more realistic science. To begin the game choose what type of biological weapon you will create, each has its merits and disadvantages.
Virus – Fasted evolution, most affected by environment and highly infectious.
Bacteria – Medium evolution, normally affected by environment and bonus to drug resistance
Parasite – Slowest evolution, least affected by environment and low visibility for detection.

The game begins with the disease (virus/bacteria/parasite) that you have chosen being seen in one country. It is then up to you to evolve the disease by increasing its resistance, giving it symptoms (sometimes lethal) and enhancing the ways that the disease can be spread (for example airborne, waterborne). This is done in the disease menu. The objective of the game is very simple, to wipe out the human population. Evolve your virus to make it as infectious and lethal as possible while, some countries are only accessible by air or ship so it is important to enhance the transmission of the disease to reach these places. Keep an eye on the visibility, infectability and lethality of the disease. Once the disease has been detected the governments of the countries affected will move quickly to quarantine areas, seal of ports and airports and to develop drugs for immunity. The game is now a race against time to build resistance to medicine and to spread the disease as far as possible. The hardest part of this game is getting the virus or bacteria to spread to Madagasgar!

Not only is Pandemic 2 hugely fun it also is an online science game which educates about virus and bacterial evolution, resistance
Game Instructions

Use mouse to play, see in game help/tutorial for explanation of the in-game menu’s.

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6 votes, average: 4.17/5

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