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Periodic Table

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Periodic TableRoll up and play at the Periodic Table shooting gallery in this fun chemistry educational game.
Instructions for Game

The periodic table in a shooting gallery game whereby you must shoot the correct chemical symbols and score points with a speed bonus. If you do well enough you may get onto the high score tables.

The periodic table is divided into horizontal lines called periods. Each game highlights one of the nine period lines so you can think of periods as levels of the game. Once the line is highlighted you are able to start the game. At the top of the screen you are shown the name of a chemical element name. You have an air gun, like at a fun fair, your mission is to correctly hit the chemical symbol name on the line of the periodic table. A cross hairs gun target is shown and follows the mouse pointer. Just place the target over the element symbol you believe matches the element name and left mouse click to fire. If it is correct the element symbol will spin and you will receive 100 points. A bonus is also available depending on how quickly you hit the correct symbol. The bonus value is shown on the left and decreases the longer you take. If you make a mistake, the correct symbol and atomic number is show with the element name. Once you have correctly hit all the symbols you get two choice buttons. You can play the Next Period or Try Period Again.

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18 votes, average: 3.94/5

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