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Shipping Yard Game

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Shipping Yard GameShipping Yard is a fun and addictive online physics game….it is also a physical game as working on a container ship is not easy work and not for the faint of heart. In Shipping Yard game you are the driver of a giant magnetic crane and it is your job to move cargo from the harbor platform to the container ship. Sounds simple??? well maybe, but as the levels progress placing the cargo becomes much harder and you will begin to realize how little scope there is for error. Furthermore containers aren’t small and moving them around the ship takes precision and good engineering judgement, one slip and the cargo will be lost overboard.

Game Instructions:

The controls are simple, move the giant crane with your mouse use the mouse button to activate the magnetic pull of the crane and release the button to drop the containers on to your ship. Make sure you don’t throw the cargo too far or it will miss the target and end up overboard, don’t get the wobbles either because once the crane starts to swing it is very difficult to steady it and you can easily bang the cargo overboard. Placement of the cargo is critical, you must place it in the shaded red target zone, the game requires accuracy and precision it is not good enough to place it near enough it needs to be exactly on the right spot. As a hint you can use the crane to nudge the cargo into position, this requires a lot of precision so be careful. Shipping Yard is an excellent addition to the engineering/physics game category.


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3 votes, average: 4.67/5

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  1. Do says:

    This game is pretty hard to get the physics right on it, and get the containers to stay on the ship. Pretty good online game though.

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