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Sugar Sugar

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Sugar SugarSugar Sugar is a fun online game which requires brain power and physics puzzle solving skills to crack. The objective of the game is to draw and get enough sugar in the cups. In total there are 30 levels to complete and unlock the bonus freeplay mode. If you get to the freeplay mode you can create your own sugar art!

The game sounds simple however it is very challenging, you must fill each cup in the level with 100 sugar. Some of the cups are a different color and for these you will need to make sure you get the right color sugar into the cup. To do this pass the flow of sugar through the color barrier to color the sugar. You will need to have a steady hand in sugar sugar to draw the pathway for the sugar to travel down, if the lines aren’t steep enough or have kinks in them the sugar will not be able to pass into the cup.

The game starts to become very interesting in the later levels where you will be faced with buttons and devices which do various things in some of the levels. Figure out how to use each of these in order to move the sugar to the cup.

To play sugar sugar use the mouse, simply left click to draw and divert the sugar into the cup. See the in game help for any further questions. Sugar Sugar really is one of the most fun online physics games that you are likely to play.

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12 votes, average: 4.67/5

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